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Hand knitting is the fabulous practice of knitting not with needles, but with your hands! You will love making new DIY projects with this chunky cotton tube yarn! This “yarn” is made from cotton tube filled with hollow fiber, so it’s super lightweight and won’t shed like wool does. This cotton tube yarn holds its shape well and is machine washable.

This product is vegan since it does not come from sheep’s wool. So now you can have a chunky blanket without worrying about shedding, dry cleaning, wool allergies or animal welfare!

Note: Each pack contains a ball of approximately 2.2 lbs (1000 g) of chunky yarn.

Click the video tab for a tutorial on how to knit a chunky blanket with tube yarn.

Estimates for how much yarn you’d need to make a chunky blanket:

  • 24″ x 31″ (60 cm x 80 cm): 1000 g (1 ball)
  • 31″ x 39″ (80 cm x 100 cm):  2000 g (2 balls)
  • 39″ x 47″ (100 cm x 120 cm): 3000 g (3 balls)
  • 39″ x 59″ (100 cm x 150 cm): 3500 g (recommend 4 balls)
  • 47″ x 59″ (120 cm x 150 cm): 4000 g (recommend 4-5 balls)
  • 39″ x 78″ (100 cm x 200 cm): 4500 g (recommend 5 balls)
  • 59″ x 78″ (150 cm x 200 cm): 7000 g (7 balls)
  • 78″ x 78″ (200 cm x 200 cm): 9000 g (9 balls)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 in

100% Cotton

7 reviews for Chunky Cotton Tube Yarn for Hand Knitting

  1. English


    Good and fast delivery. Last leg had a problem, but it was the mailman. Had delivered the ball of wool to the wrong address.

  2. English


    Purchased 2 balls, they arrived separately a day apart. Shipping time was accurate. Made blanket measuring 85cm x 85cm

  3. English


    I think this chunky wool is a great product. It’s like cotton covered by polyester all throughout. I should have ordered 2. I ended up making (hand knitting) a throw pillowcase.

  4. English


    Excellent thick “yarn” that completely replaces merino in appearance. It is not very convenient to knit with, but it is beautiful and practical (it does not roll down and does not shed). Thanks!

  5. English


    Wonderful yarn! I ordered 4 skeins. Happy as an elephant

  6. English


    Очень рада! Запаха нет, качество супер! меринос отдыхает…

  7. English


    This is what I made from 2 kg, althou it is really hard to hide or to connect 2 separate wools. And it happens to be smaller than from 2 kg classic merino wool. Anyways this is very nice and practical option for big blanket 🙂

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