Welcome to Yelo Pomelo! We’re an online shop offering hipster parenting stuff of all kinds. Our aim is to stock tasteful, fashionable, and yes perhaps ironic items for discerning parents. If the thought of Frozen + Paw Patrol paraphernalia makes you ill, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we know that you don’t suddenly lose your sense of style just because you have kids, despite what it may seem each time you step foot in a typical children’s store.

About Yelo Pomelo - Stroller Smiling Blanket

(Don’t worry, you’re still cool. We got you.)

Yelo Pomelo is run by Jen, a Chinese Canadian who has lived in the US, Norway, and Kenya — and most importantly has a toddler son (pictured above!) who inspired the idea for this store. Our very first product was a set of high-quality muslin swaddle blankets, which we launched in 2017.

About Yelo Pomelo 1

We’ve since expanded to include a broader range of products, including designing our own apparel, to suit the palates and lifestyles of today’s modern parent.

We’re now based in Taiwan! Get in touch with us and say hi: [email protected]

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